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Dr. Bhubaneswar (Bud) Mishra



Dr. Mishra is a Professor and Director of Bioinformatics at the New York University Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Tandon School of Engineering. He is also a Professor of Cell Biology at the NYU School of Medicine, a professor of human genetics at Mt Sinai School of Medicine and a Visiting Scholar, Cold Spring Harbor Research Labs Simons Center for Quantitative Biology.

He is an inventor of TotalReCaller, Optical Mapping and Sequencing (SMASH), ArrayMapping, Copy-Number Variation Mapping, Model Checker for circuit verification, Robot Grasping and Fixturing devices and algorithms, Reactive Robotics, and Nanotechnology for DNA profiling. He is a fellow of ACM, AAAS and IEEE, Distinguished Alumnus of IIT (2011) and a NYSTAR Distinguished Professor (2001). He has significant industrial experience in Computer Science and BioTech, as a founder of OpGen and Evizia. 

He received a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology and a MS and PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.