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AGBT 2024 — Orlando, Florida

Precyse for Next Generation Sequencing Quality Control

Evizia introduces PRECYSE, a DNA imaging, mapping and analysis instrument, and its application for short and long read NGS sample and library QC. Current market leading instruments are based on electrophoresis, a well-established technology with significant sensitivity, precision and sizing limitations. PRECYSE invokes high speed atomic force microscopy (HSAFM) for direct imaging of DNA from 100 bp to 200+ kb with single molecule resolution. A user replaceable probe on the end of an AFM cantilever mechanically scans a consumable surface containing biomolecules such as DNA measuring forces between the probe and sample to generate a 2D topographical image down to nanometer resolution.

High Speed Atomic Force Microscopy (HSAFM) for imaging DNA from 100 bp – 200 kb+ with single molecule sensitivity. Short read and long read sequencing applications for NGS sample input and library construction QC

Andrey Mikheikin[1] and Jason Reed [1,2,3]

[1] Evizia, Inc., Richmond VA, [2] Physics Department, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, and [3] Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center, Richmond, VA

figure 1 DNA Molecule

Figure 1.  Diagram of PRECYSE workflow whereby a proprietary 1” x 3” consumables containing mica is capable of imaging and analyzing 1 – 96 samples at 1 – 2 minutes per sample with walkaway automation and software analysis. The DNA dynamic range from 100 bp to 100,000 bp is shown utilizing known DNA fragments, ladders, and previously published DNA mapping techniques.

figure 2 purified human genomic DNA

Figure 2.  PRECYSE imaging of Promega gDNA and comparison to an Agilent Tapestation gDNA kit. gDNA fragments ranging from 48 – 187kp are quickly imaged and analyzed.

figure 3 Illumina DNA Prep

Figure 3.  Illumina Nextera DNA flex library preparation comparison between PRECYSE and an Agilent TapeStation. Over 300 molecules were imaged and analyzed by the software to generate an accurate sizing profile by molecule count without the need for upper and lower markers or a reference DNA ladder.

figure2-NGS-QC-Value chart

[1] Technical information sourced from vendor materials available through public sources
[2] US list price
[3] Per sample with max throughput, US list price